Magik Makers

HubSpot NFT Collection

The Magik Makers

HubSpot Community NFT Collection

The HubSpot Community is made up of incredible members who embody HEART. They connect, solve problems, and grow together. They turn customer relationship management into customer relationship magic. This NFT collection celebrates that. It's inspired by elements of the HubSpot Community that make it unique.

Their Magik

HubSpot Community NFT Collection

Every piece in this collection celebrates the many skills our Community has. We represent the Community's diverse set of talents through either eye magik or hand magik within the collection.

Illumination & Realm

Our community is powerful: Not only do they create customer relationship magic, but they also look cool doing it. We even incorporated some of the best HubSpot swag into this project.

Their H.E.A.R.T

HubSpot values run deep, and our community embodies that. We represent that through five archetypes.

Magik Makers Archetypes

Humble Makers

Humble Makers touch the world with self-awareness and respect for others. They put others first—they do not think any less of themselves, but rather think of themselves less. Their superpower is lifting others up when things go well, and shouldering responsibility when things don't.

Empathetic Makers

Empathetic Makers go beyond understanding others' perspectives and take action out of their compassion and respect for customers. They dig deep to emotionally connect with all who need them. Their superpower is in their ability to read hearts and minds—and actually act on what they see and hear.

Adaptable Makers

Adaptable Makers are innately curious and constantly changing. And, they never let a change in plans derail their mission. Their superpower is in their ability to shape-shift to make any scenario a productive, positive one and are known to be the most supportive teammates around.

Remarkable Makers

Remarkable Makers drop customers' jaws. They are remarkably different, resourceful, and effective. They are predisposed to actions, and simply get stuff done. Their superpower is focusing on results and outcomes, not roadblocks and obstacles.

Transparent Makers

Transparent Makers are open and honest with others and themselves. Their superpower is making sure everyone sees and believes in the full picture, never sacrificing honesty for bells and whistles.

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Event Access

Magik Maker holders will be invited to exclusive quarterly events where their questions will be answered by HubSpot leadership or Web3/NFT experts, including a private event during INBOUND 2023.

DE&I Initiatives

This NFT collection is a collection that gives back. Secondary sales will be donated to Girls Who Code.

Trait Benefits

By sharing your Magik Maker on your community and social media profiles, you showcase your magical place in the HubSpot Community.


All holders will join a private community where they can connect and learn more about Web3, NFTs, and the metaverse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this mean HubSpot embraces Web3?

HubSpot embraces and wholeheartedly believes in community-led growth. Creating an NFT collection that focuses on and celebrates community is an experiment that allows us to provide digital rewards while learning about the potential of the Web3 space collectively with our community.

What is the environmental impact of HubSpot launching NFTs?

Who designed the NFTs?

Can I sell my NFT?

What if I need support or help with minting?

Where does any money made from the collection go?

What should I do with my NFT?

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